• Monika

    "My mum gave me a hair mask and a shampoo for dyed hair. Usually I try to avoid parabens, especially in hair care. I recommend it to everyone who has dyed hair and suffer from flattened color.

    I love PERFECT.ME. No more parabens! "

  • Lucy

    "My friend recommended me Repair & Stay Strong shampoo. It foams very well, and I also feel (although I do not know if it's possible), that there is more of my hair.

    I'm so satisfied!"

  • Megan

    "I just used hair a mask Natural Oils Repair! At first I was sceptical, I was afraid that essential will blame my hair.

    I must admit that it is wonderful!!!

    I recommend it to all whose hair is rough to the touch and desiccated. It really works!"